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The below antique structures represent only a sample of what we keep in our yard. We are constantly turning over our inventory so make sure you call 1.888.941.9553 for the latest information. Should you have any questions or inquires, contact us HERE.

20 x 30 Beam House

This is a handcrafted log house built by Barnwood Builders. The structure will be featured on season 4.  The logs are 9-10" thick and gaps are very narrow.

Fort Barnwood

This fort is a replica of 18th and 19th century log forts. The fort was built as episode of Barnwood Builders and brought back the inner child in all of us.  We started with bed sheets draped over chairs and ended up building the real deal.  The base measurements are 12x12 and the upstairs cantilever is 16x16.

Hamlin Cabin circa 1880s

This 16x22 poplar and oak cabin with dovetailed corners and wide logs was hidden under siding in plain sight along a road in Hamlin WV. This cabin was featured in season 5 of Barnwood Builders.

32x51 Canadian timber frame

This barn is a hardwood 3 bay barn with diagonal queen posts circa 1880's.  As you can see there was very little damage to this frame and it is best suited for a getaway, a functional workshop, or a party barn.

Bulls Gap Log House

19x26 two story log house circa 1800s.  This cabin has really nice logs, incredible joinery and fortunately very few window and door openings.  This cabin will be featured as an episode of Barnwood Builders season 5.