574 Main Street W • White Sulphur Springs, WV 24986 | 888.941.9553 | Selling Your Building? | Want To Build?

574 Main Street W • White Sulphur Springs, WV 24986 | 888.941.9553 | Selling Your Building? | Want To Build?



The below antique structures represent only a sample of what we keep in our yard. We are constantly turning over our inventory so make sure you call 1.888.941.9553 for the latest information. Should you have any questions or inquires, contact us HERE.

20 x 30 Beam House

This is a handcrafted log house built by Barnwood Builders. The structure will be featured on season 4.  The logs are 9-10" thick and gaps are very narrow.

24 x 36 Timber Frame

24x36 timber frame barn excellent for a small house conversion.   Features large timber construction, vertical bracing, hewn bracing, 24ft clear span tie beams, and a complete set of original rafters.

Bristol Tobacco Barn

This is a perfectly preserved barn. The logs were assembled inside of a larger structure and have never been expos d to weather and never chinked.  It is as perfect as the day it was built.

16 x 22 Poplar and Oak Cabin

This 16x22 poplar and oak cabin with dovetailed corners and wide logs was hidden under siding in plain sight along a road in Hamlin WV. 

One-Room Schoolhouse

- SOLD -

This rare, late 1800s one-room schoolhouse from Franklin WV measures 20x24 with nice logs and dovetailed corners.  In 20 years and over 400 buildings, this is the only one-room schoolhouse that has been available to us.

Corn Crib

- SOLD -

This 15x20 early-1800s corn crib was reclaimed from northern WV.  This is the most overbuild small Timberframe we have ever seen built completely without a single nail. Large hand hewn posts, vertical bracing, diagonal bracing, second floor joists.  Built entirely of virgin oak, this was featured in Season 1, Episode 4 of Barnwood Builders.

Midland Trail Cabin

- SOLD -

The Midland Trail Cabin is a 18x21 two-story cabin with large logs, dovetailed corners and narrow gaps. This mid-1800s cabin was reclaimed from the historic Midland Trail WV. This project will be featured in Season 3, Episode 3 of Barnwood Builders!

Settlers' Cabin

- SOLD -

This pre-Civil War cabin was reclaimed from southern West Virginia.  The log sizes range from 10-14" tall and the species is a mix of chestnut and oak. This would make the perfect get-a-way cabin or home addition.

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