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If you've ever had the chance to watch some Barnwood Builders, then you know ACB is all about having us some fun. But in the process, we create some pretty special projects for our clients around the country. Below you will find some of the most memorable jobs we've had the pleasure of being a part of—paying homage to our American pioneer past, while creating something that will last another 200 years and beyond.

Abraham Lincoln National Library

This project paired us with the Abraham Lincoln National Museum in Springfield, IL, where we constructed a replica of the log cabin that Abraham Lincoln grew up in.

Fort Barnwood

Pricketts Fort in WV. The base of the structure is 12x12 and the cantilevered top section is 16x16. The fort was a necessity to protect small communities from hostiles. We hand notched this fort to bring out the kid in all of us.

Glover Guesthouse

The Glover Guesthouse also features a beautiful stacked-stone, wood-burning fireplace and was ideal in creating a private retreat for the client's guests.

Lewisburg Dog Trot

The client on this project was looking for a utility structure that spoke to the agricultural history of the surrounding countryside. The "Dog Trot" was a classic design of our pioneers.

Sassafras Party Barn

The Sassafras Party Barn gave our boys a chance to create the perfect compliment to summer cookouts and family gatherings. This party barn features two stories and is entirely constructed and designed using recycled materials.

The Deep Creek Bunkhouse

The small bunkhouse was the perfect addition to another project located in Deep Creek, MD.